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Marquette(MQT) Coffee - Flavored Coffees Sample Pack

Marquette(MQT) Coffee - Flavored Coffees Sample Pack

Satisfy your senses with our flavorful coffees, crafted in 2oz packages - 6 packs of each flavor! Our specialty grade beans are small batch roasted for a medium blend. Then, we infuse the coffee with the finest flavoring oils while still warm. Take our French Vanilla Roast, for instance - a smooth combination of creamy vanilla and signature small-batch roasted coffee. Or, delight in Hazelnut Roast's nutty flavor, paired with Brazilian coffee for a sumptuous, velvety cup. Cinnabun Roast offers the taste of a Cinnabun sans the calories - all natural, no-sugar-added, no-calorie. Enjoy Caramel Roast's sweet buttery flavor straight or use it in blended drinks. Plus, Mocha Roast will please with its velvety chocolate and medium-roast.

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