About Marquette Coffee

Marquette Coffee was founded by Matthew Lindsey in September of 2022 in Marquette, MI. With little equity, Matthew had a passion and a vision to create a coffee company that would become a household name. He was determined to take advantage of the massive coffee and tea market and appeal to a broad range of coffee and tea drinkers.

Despite facing challenges, Matthew was able to close a great deal and launch Marquette Coffee. The company's initial offerings were basic, but Matthew's dedication and drive helped the company grow.

Over the months, Marquette Coffee is becoming a leading brand in the industry. The company's success is attributed to Matthew's passion for coffee and tea, the quality of the products, and a loyal customer base.

Marquette Coffee has since expanded its reach, offering a variety of coffee flavors and tea blends that are enjoyed by people all over the world. Matthew's vision is becoming a reality.

You can find us on Facebook, and Instagram.