Business Relations FAQ


This document was created to answer frequent questions we get from businesses and individuals wanting to do business with us. We also touch on the basics of who we are and our core values as a business. 

About Marquette Coffee 

Marquette Coffee was founded on September of 2022 by Matthew Lindsey in Marquette, MI. His passion and love for coffee inspired him to form a small business with little equity down. He had a vision of growing Marquette Coffee into a multimillion-dollar company. This lofty goal was formed knowing how huge the market is and knowing his demographics of coffee drinkers. 

As time progresses, we look to expand our operations, achieve higher goals, hire/support our staff, and better the communities we move into. Currently we are in the infancy stage of our business because we started in September of 2022, so our expectations are set to spear us into the future. 

What to expect from us. 

We strive to have the goal of treating our business partners with respect and dignity with the mutual agreement they will do the same. Our partners can come to us for anything like we do for our employees. We passionately believe in servant leadership and if we can do anything to help, we would. 

They understand our position in the industry as a small business and we do the same for them. We had business partners looking to do business with us expecting us to have the medium to large business mentality which is unrealistic for a small business with limited resources to distribute. They also did not know us as a company since we are new, so we are correcting that with this document. 

If you invest in us, we will invest in you... 

We want to set realistic goals and expectations for our business and our partners so we can grow with each other. If we form a partnership, it would be a mutually beneficial partnership. We also have a policy that if you come to us proposing an idea, we encourage our partners to consider investing in us first before we can invest in them. Think of creative ways to help us up front with your proposal or of a barter deal that might appeal to us so we can invest in you in return now or once we can meet our obligations of our partnership or contract. 

Conclusion and if we still have your attention... 

We have discussed what you can expect from us and how we think as a company in hopes that it would set a tone for a strong relationship with you and all our partners we have. It is often best to e-mail our operations team with your proposal so we can discuss the terms of the agreement in a secure setting. Our chat system, DMs on social media, or support e-mail system can be seen internally by our staff. Our staff is trained to direct all your proposals to our operations team email.  

We look forward to discussing your proposal with you and hope we can grow our partnership and businesses together! 

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