Press Release - Marquette Coffee: Brewing Excellence with a New Identity

In an exciting and strategic move, JML Coffee proudly announces its official rebranding as Marquette Coffee. The change in nomenclature is not just a shift in title; it is a reflection of the company's commitment to safeguarding intellectual rights and ensuring the continuous growth and success of the business.

The decision to undergo this transformation was prompted by the imperative need to protect our trademarked intellectual property. As our brand gained recognition and popularity, it became crucial to secure our unique identity in the competitive market. This rebranding initiative ensures that Marquette Coffee is poised for long-term success while maintaining the quality and excellence that our customers have come to expect.

Our new name, Marquette Coffee, pays homage to the pride we hold for our locality and the community in which we live and operate. This change is not merely symbolic; it is a testament to our dedication to our roots and a celebration of the vibrant spirit of our city. We believe that our renewed identity will resonate with both our existing patrons and new customers, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty.

Marquette Coffee continues to specialize in providing artisan coffee and tea of the highest quality. Our commitment to craftsmanship, premium ingredients, and unparalleled flavor remains unwavering. With this rebranding, we aim to elevate the coffee experience for our customers, offering not just a beverage but a journey through the rich and diverse world of artisanal coffee and tea.

"We are thrilled to introduce Marquette Coffee to our community and beyond. This rebranding represents a new chapter for us, one that is marked by innovation, resilience, and a deep-rooted connection to our heritage. We invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to serve exceptional coffee and tea with the same passion and dedication that has defined us from the beginning," said Matthew Lindsey, Proprietor of Marquette Coffee.

For more information about Marquette Coffee and to explore our exquisite range of artisanal coffee and tea offerings, please visit Follow us on for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our coffee-making journey.

About Marquette Coffee:

Marquette Coffee, formerly known as JML Coffee, is a renowned purveyor of artisanal coffee and tea, committed to delivering exceptional quality and taste. With a new identity and a steadfast dedication to preserving intellectual rights, Marquette Coffee continues to uphold the highest standards in the world of specialty beverages. Visit to discover a world of rich flavors and unique blends.

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