How is JML Coffee is using Air.AI?

How is JML Coffee is using Air.AI?

At JML Coffee we want to innovate in how coffee brands do business and do it more effectively. Since we opened on September 24th of 2022 we have sought ways to maintain and run our business with technology at the core of our business. Doing so has assisted our growth as a company and helped maintain an economical environment within the company while improving your customer experience. 

 What is Air.AI?

Air.AI is an artificial intelligence based on chatGPT that is still in the beta stage. What makes Air AI unique is that it is a conversational AI that can sound and act like a real human. The software's sole purpose is to help companies grow and succeed. There are numerous deployments of Air AI out there right now many are large corporations like Tesla as one example. You will commonly find Air AI making marketing and robocalls to follow up with customers and prospect customers. This artificial Intelligence has much more potential than what it is given for! In the near future we can see it being an advanced tool for businesses to do things they could not do in the past.

Our thoughts on Air.AI

When we first discovered Air.AI we were blown away by how realistic it conversed with me on the demo. After some strategizing we got the courage to be one of the first few in the coffee industry to deploy Air AI to handle and deploy Air.AI to handle customer inquiries during their customer service experience.

I admit we did see some flaws that are unavoidable for any artificial intelligence out there like grammatical errors or misinterpreting things. Air.AI is still in beta and eventually more bugs will be hashed out improving performance. In the process they will be incorporating more features into Air AI. Making us even more excited for improving our first deployment of Air AI to be even more advanced and handle more of our daily tasks allowing us to focus on growing and not maintaining our business. Having to maintain a company is a common misconception for the business world! You always want your company to be in the growth state!

Our new company's customer service system did not make us lay off or put people out of work because we are economically responsible. In fact this update to JML Coffee's customer service system has improved our customer experience and has the potential for creating jobs. It also has taken some of the workload off our staff making it more of a sociable work experience.

The future of Air.AI within JML Coffee

As of now we have only one skeletal deployment for our customer service line and as Air.AI gets more advanced making our customers experience even better when they call us. We are privately strategizing other applications for Air.AI! I can say that we will be deploying more instances of Air AI for service quality checks and to show appreciation towards our customers letting them know that we care about them. We also encourage your feedback on ideas and suggestions for things we can do with Air.AI be leaving a comment below.

About The Author

I am Matthew Lindsey the founder of JML Coffee. I am a passionate coffee lover. After spending years experimenting with various brewing methods, I became fascinated by the science behind crafting the perfect cup of coffee. Since then, I’ve devoted myself to exploring the world of coffee and sharing my experiences with others.

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