Coffee Expeditions with Ben Aventurero: The Art of Coffee in Sumatra

Coffee Expeditions with Ben Aventurero: The Art of Coffee in Sumatra

Welcome to the third installment of "Coffee Expeditions with Ben Aventurero"! After feedback from our readers, we've asked Ben to be even more descriptive in sharing his experiences. This week, Ben travels to Sumatra, an island in Indonesia known for its unique coffee cultivation practices. Join Ben as he explores the volcanic landscapes and discovers the secrets behind Sumatran coffee.

The Journey Begins

Stepping off the plane, Ben is immediately embraced by the warm, humid air of Sumatra. The lush, green landscape stretches out before him, with volcanic mountains looming in the distance. Ben's journey takes him to a coffee farm on the slopes of Mount Kerinci, where he meets the dedicated farmers who cultivate the land.

An Immersive Experience

Ben decides to fully immerse himself in the farmers' world by spending a day living and working alongside them. He wakes up at dawn, just as the farmers do, and joins them in their morning routines. As the sun rises, he walks through the fields, observing the meticulous care the farmers take in tending to their crops. The volcanic soil, rich in nutrients, gives the coffee its unique flavor profile.

The Wet-Hulling Process

One of the highlights of Ben's visit is witnessing the traditional wet-hulling process, known locally as "giling basah." Ben describes the intricate steps involved, from the partial drying of the beans to the hulling process itself. The farmers explain how this method, unique to Sumatra, imparts a distinctive, earthy flavor to the coffee.

The Coffee Culture

In the local markets, Ben experiences the vibrant coffee culture of Sumatra. He visits small, family-run coffee stalls where the aroma of freshly roasted beans fills the air. The friendly vendors share their stories and offer Ben a taste of their best brews. Ben savors each cup, noting the rich, full-bodied flavors that linger on his palate.


Ben's adventure in Sumatra has given him a deeper appreciation for the island's unique coffee culture. Join us next week as Ben continues his coffee expeditions, discovering more flavors and stories from around the world.

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